A tool to help discard used clothes in a sustainable way

For my graduation project I helped EigenDraads design a tool to discard used clothes in a more sustainable way.

Right now 75% of all used textiles in Rotterdam will end up burned and wasted because we, the citizens, don’t have the know how to discard textile in a sustainable manner. This mainly happens because people think it’s fine to throw away textiles with the regular waste, aka the garbage (as seen below).

I wanted to build a tool that could help prevent this and show people the right way to discard sustainable.


Dankje is a tool that works in three phases: collect, sort and discard.


The user gets a ‘tasmand’ send to his home. In this tasmand the user can collect all old clothes that he would like to dispose of.


When the tasmand is full and the user ready, he will be assisted by the app in sorting his clothing. The garments will be categorized in one of three tiers. Repairable, rewearable and recyclable. The user will also receive information related to sustainability about what he’s doing and why.


Lastly the user will discard his clothes. The user receives an overview of all sustainable places near him to do so and a description of how to get there.

Floris Vogelpoel